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I am playing it very legato as if speed gives the illusion of perfection. This is something to really remember in your Online Guitar Lesson because so many of us want to play fast. It’s fun to play fast, but what it does is it makes us think that we’re playing perfectly and often times, we’re not. Playing slowly is actually way harder than playing fast and slow pieces are often times much harder than fast pieces because they’re so exposed. Check out Dance meeting to learn more. Fast pieces, they have a particular glitter to them. Whereas when I’m playing really fast, then it’s flashy and so I’m obviously a great player. Whereas if you play something really exposed and really slow, then all of a sudden the connections of your notes are very important, the way that you phrase and how you choose to move from one note to the next dynamically. All that is so much harder than just blasting out some fast notes. Anybody can do that. Look at the heavy metal world. That’s not beautiful music but it’s fast. So what?

Online Guitar Lessons

Moving right along. That’s legato playing. It’s an amazing technique in your arsenal. If you have great legato playing, then chances are you’re well on your way to playing beautifully. It’s well worth your time.

The next one we’re going to talk about is speed bursts. This actually, now that we’ve been talking all this about speed, then this is speed burst. We actually do want to be able to play fast because some pieces require us to. It’s a tool. That’s all it is – speed. One of the things, one way is we can mix the fast playing with the slow playing. Rhythmically, we could do something like four quarters and then eight-eights, as in like this. Something like that, where you’re actually splitting long notes and short notes. As a shorter thing, it could be something like two eighth notes and then four 16ths. Yes, you’re playing fast, but it’s only in a small burst. In that way, you don’t have the tension build-up in your hand from playing fast I’m redlining and I’m overdriving my hand because it’s constantly fast. If you start going too fast for yourself and you do it too much and you lock up and you get that. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen cats play with some with the paw, that cat paw. It’s like a spasm more than it is a quick movement in control. It’s more of a spasm. That’s not what we want in our playing. We want to be completely in control so that if we’re playing something in there just happens to be some fast notes going on, that we can just effortlessly put those in and still play them beautifully and still play them connected in legato with beautiful tone and phrase it the way that we want to play it. We have all that available to us. Why not work it up to where we can do that?

Those are speed bursts. Alternate slow with fast. Here’s the thing, it’s got to always be in rhythm. I highly recommend that you play scales with the metronome as much as possible. Whenever you’re playing your scales, that’s the time to play the metronome. Pieces, maybe or maybe not. Metronomes are not inherently musical but time is an element of musicality so you’ve got to have it, and scales are a great place to play that. Use my review of PLAY with your metronome with the scales.

The next one I want to talk about accents. With accents, we can just choose a note, we could say every fourth note, so the downbeat is like if we’re playing guitar in four-fourth times and 16th notes, then it’s just basically the downbeat. Remember, I don’t know if you’ve seen the other videos, but with accents, it’s not so much about playing the downbeat loud, or the accented note loud, it’s about bringing everything else down and creating more contrast. Yes, the accented notes are a little bit louder but mainly, everything else is a little bit quieter. It’s all about contrast, it’s not about loudness.

As always, we want to exaggerate. If you’re going to play with accents, then you really want to play your unaccented notes incredibly quietly, and your accented note very loudly, and remember with accents, one of the basic rules, one, bring everything else quiet so that the accented note pops out more. The other one is watching out for that note right after the accent because the note right after the accent is often times really– It’s easy for that note to get loud. That’s your switch from loud to soft. Any kind of tension in your hands will linger over to that. If you need to, you could go Now it’s a totally different rhythm but you get the picture. You make it a longer note so that you have time to reset. Something like that to where you’ve actually put a full beat in there, offset it so that you can actually make the break because we want it to be– there’s the accented and then there’s the accented, not accent first, unaccented next, unaccented next, unaccented next, something like that. You want the accent to be up here, everything else to be at the same level down here. You can do this also in threes and triplets.

Something like that. Every other note, you can do every five, you could do whatever you like. Accents, it’s great, because it takes a little bit of control. As you get faster with the metronome, then all of a sudden you have this increase in complexities in the things that you’re doing. Keep the metronome going even with the accents as well.

The next variation on your practice you could do would be different articulations. What is an articulation? Articulation is how you play it. Staccato versus legato could be one really common example of an articulation. You could go something like short-short-long, short-short-long.

This combines legato and the quick-prep playing. You could play your quick-prep for staccatos and then a long note. Make sure that that note connects to the next staccato, In other words, listen again to the legato, listen to the connection, the ends of the long note so it’s not so you don’t actually stop the long note and then play the staccato, you actually connect it to it. You can do any combination, you could do, short-long, short-long. Something like that. You could just make any kind of combination of those. You could do all shorts, all longs. You can do any kind of combination, but changing up the articulation would be another one.

The next one would be dynamics. These, I think, I think you’re only to do one, then it would be the quick-prep and then the legato. If you’re going to do three, the quick-prep, the legato and this one because it transfers so much into your music of playing beautifully, and that is using dynamics. We may star loud, get softer as we approach this top, and then get louder as we go to the bottom.

As an example, start loud and just start to vine it off and then we have a long way to go until we get too quiet too fast. Yes, I overdrove the instrument right there. So what? If you’re exaggerating and you’re playing exaggeratedly, then actually work it. Work the entire range of the instrument, how loud can you go, actually go to the point where you actually do overdrive it so you know where it is. In that way, you can actually play just below it. Whenever you go all the way quiet, go all the way to where it just has to ping but it should be as quiet as possible, as loud as possible. You’re getting all of your shades of gray in there. Really do that. The other thing that you could do with using dynamics would be little surges.

How about this one? How about soft, three notes — we’re going to do 16th notes, the downbeat will be… How about a regular mezzo forte downbeat? And then for the end of the next three 16ths, we can put soft, medium, loud on that. We’re actually crescendo-ing, so we have.

So you’re basically connecting with the crescendo. Little swells. This is very musical and your piece, that’s exciting. When you’re playing music. Constantly, this opening like this. Playing with that sort of thing. That’s a little faster, I hope you can actually hear it. The other thing would be the decrescendo though. I don’t use that one nearly as much when playing pieces because I think it’s draining. It’s like the higher.

Just like, I don’t know if you ever talk to someone who sighs a lot, literally just completely suck the energy right out of you. It’s a real drain and this can happen musically as well. I can even hardly play that way. It’s a device, but it’s a little depressing. Crescendo gets more for your bang, more bang for your buck. And so little surges of crescendo here and there will be really useful in your playing and the more of them you put in your playing, if they’re in good spots then its great stuff to do. It takes a lot of control with your right hand and that’s the point of all these variations. It’s to get a lot of control into your playing and control in the way that actually transfers musically to something you can actually use, with any luck.

The last one I’m going to tell you about right now is switching up your scales into patterns. Jazz players do this a lot. If we take a scale, everything else has been mainly right hand-based, except for the legato which also combines the synchronization of the hands, this one is a little bit more brain work for your left hand, but then it also makes it harder for your right hand as well. What we do with patterns is, they are also called digital patterns, is we take the scales and we think of it as numbers as we go up like this. What we do then is we make a pattern, let’s say we go up three we going to start off at one and we’re going to go up two and back one and then back up and then up two and then back one. You go up in some kind of a pattern besides just One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight. You can go one-three-two-four. The sky is the limit as far the patterns you could create on this, but what it does is it makes your string crossing much more intricate with the right hand. It makes it where your string crossings are much more elaborate, much more intricate, and much more complex. Instead of just playing multiple notes, you’re oftentimes just playing one on each string and you’ll oftentimes have to go back with an inconvenient finger, such as I playing a higher string and him having to play the next lower string down.

Then that’s going to be weird in the hand. You can just get used to that, which is great.

That’s a whole bunch of different variations you can do with your scale practice. I hope that you can use those and keep it creative. The main thing when you’re practicing scales is to keep it interesting so that you can stay engaged and be always practicing something that is actually bringing your music forward. If you’re ever just droning away, sawing away at scales with your mind completely elsewhere, your mind is out on vacation, then why waste your time with that. You always want to be engaged and focused on what you’re doing and so keep the complexity such that you can actually stay in it. It demands a 100% of your attention. You should always be at a particular point where you are completely and entirely engaged at what you’re doing and if you’re not then ramp up the complexity, ramp up the creativity, ramp up the demands on yourself so that it takes more of your energy to do it. Practicing should be an active sport.

That’s a bunch. That’s a bunch of stuff that we just went through – articulation, dynamics, rhythms, all kinds of stuff. So, always vary it up. Challenge yourself. If you ever find yourself just playing scales, stop and say, “Wait a second, this is supposed to be exciting, it’s supposed to be fun”. It’s supposed to be good, it’s supposed to be juicy. That is what we’re going for in our practice every day. Use some of these in your practice. You might want to make a list of them, great idea, wish I had thought of that. Keep it near your practice place, that way you can always keep things lively.

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Commercial Walk In Cooler Repair Types

Apart from the reach-in standard models are there different types of various Commercial Walk In Cooler Repair that your cold-business needs.

Worktop  Freezers

Walk In Cooler Repair
Walk In Cooler Repair

When you create a work table and a refrigerator in one would consider a worktop, refrigerator. These units have food-grade stainless steel tops that are durable enough to withstand tasks, the preparation of food. With the refrigerated bases cut back counter refrigerators also on trips to the Walk In Cooler Service Near Me, that increases the efficiency of the worker and reduces cost of labor, which equates to more profit.


Roll-in refrigerators suitable found mainly in the bakery industry, for full-size pan racks. This is much easier when storing pans of roles or pastries. Just roll the racks on the slope and in the Cabinet for convenient storage.



When all you need is a refrigerator under your counter, look for a refrigerator under counter will fit. Most of these units will easily slide under a standard 36 “high counter Summit. Some under counter refrigerators are 34 “high, which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Click Here

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Ideas For White Glove Storage Austin

If you one of the many millions of Americans who suffer from cluttered yard syndrome, perhaps you may want to consider some outside White Glove Storage Options. The good news about this syndrome is that it is 100% curable with minimal work involved.

Perhaps one of the best things about storage units or small storage closets is that they are completely able to be customized to your existing home. The first step is to visit your local hardware store and talk to a storage specialist. There are several options available if you are thinking outside Self Storage near me. One of the easiest methods is to buy small wooden or metal boxes to store your unwanted clutter. If you have existing benches on your deck or patio, perhaps you should consider turning them into storage benches, with opening seats much like you would find aboard a boat.

Storage solutions austin
Storage solutions austin

If you are in the terrible habit of locking yourself out of your house more than occasionally, you should definitely look into some outside key White Glove Moving Company Self Storage Los Gatos units. Sold in many hardware stores are fake rocks, which can be coded if you want your key to remain secured, of simply closed if you want to give access to anyone? These key storage rocks are easy ways to remember where a key is placed, while still doing justice to your landscape.

Own a motorcycle, and don’t have a way to keep the elements from soaking it every time it rains? Awnings are very affordable and easy to attach to your existing house for support. They will keep the rain from leaving an unwanted puddle in your seat next time you mount up to ride.


Outside firewood storage is a popular selection to keep those wood chips and stumps out of the way until they are needed for their warmth in the winter. Easy to build, all that is required is some wood studs for a frame, some plywood for an enclosure, and plastic sheeting to waterproof the box. A sturdy outdoor firewood Self Storage San Jose unit can be well constructed in only a few hours.

Whatever the need, there are several outside storage ideas out there that will more than adequately adapt to your situation. From keys to cars, there is an outdoor storage solution for you. If you want to buy it outright, or undertake the project yourself, outside storage needs are easy and quick to meet with only a few materials and some enjoyable labor. Read More Articles

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We research keyword phrases people use for a search to find the products or services that your company offers. These are called keywords because they are the words that drive the most traffic to your web site. We then discuss the research results with you and comprise a list of keywords that we recommend using in your web site content to help your web site.

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What is Ecommerce SEO? is a Search Engine Marketing Agency made up of highly talented and experienced team members? We want to make sure your prospects can find you online. Call us today to talk about Search Engine Marketing and how we can help your business.


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Los Angeles SEO – Strategy to Get an Optimal Result

Doing SEO Los Angeles , Search Engine Optimization from the beginning have been determined strategy that will be used to be able to compete with millions of websites that exist around the world. Internet marketing is a very interesting thing to me. I started to learn internet marketing especially SEO in 2012. When it first I create a website for my Client, my self-taught learning SEO. Learning from blogs that discuss about internet marketing and SEO. From there I began to love the world of internet marketing and SEO.

Digital Marketing is the most I like is to be done from anywhere and anytime, not bound by space and time. With SEO, Search Engine Optimization we can put our website’s position in a particular State. For example, although I come from California. I can put the keywords “SEO Los Angeles” for the State of USA. And it can also be done from my country, Indonesia. To be able to place the position of the first page of Google’s keywords in a particular country we can do a few things below:

SEO Los Angeles

1. Add url

If your website just insert your website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc bing. Actually you do not enter the URL to the search engines do, by themselves they will enter a website or blog to their listings.

2. Country Setting in Google Webmaster Tools

After you enter your url to search engines the next step is setting the Google webmaster tools. If you do not already have an account please register first. After you register please set the Google webmaster tools and do not forget to select your destination country to put keywords. In Google webmaster tools is you can also submit a sitemap for your website / blog.

3. Setting Language in Google Webmaster Tools

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4. Link Building Strategy

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5. Submit to Local Directories and Listings

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6. Local SEO is to Get National Rankings

People used to look for local businesses in Their Yellow Pages directory. Not anymore. In these days of mobile Web access and online browsing, people are using search engines more than ever to find businesses in Their local community. Local SEO Los Angeles is your key to getting noticed in this crowded online space.

You can get a good position on search engines both local and national with some of the steps above. The key of the above 6 things I think is a strategy in building the link, but five other things that also remains to be done. With the expected optimal SEO results your website can generate revenue continues to increase.

Diwali Puja Items

Tips for Diwali Puja Items

Diwali is the most well known and most broadly commended celebration of India. The celebration is commended to stamp the finish of Lord Rama’s outcast and his homecoming with spouse Sita and sibling Laxman. It is said that every one of the general population of the Ayodhya were thrilled on the event of the arrival of their lord and enriched the whole town with lights. Thus, Diwali is viewed as the celebration of lights. Right up ’til today, houses are lit with earthen lights, candles and now electrical lighting too.

Diwali likewise connotes the triumph of good finished malevolence. Ruler Rama came back from his outcast simply in the wake of crushing Ravana, the insidious lord of Diwali Puja Items who stole Sita. Diwali remains for the unavoidable first light, regardless of how dull the night. In cutting edge India, Diwali has not lost its importance and is praised with extraordinary fervor and force.

diwali puja items

On Diwali, the insides and outsides of the house are improved with blooms, rangolis, candles, earthen lights and electrical lighting. Flavorful suppers are readied and desserts and endowments are likewise traded with precious ones. For the most part individuals wear new garments on this celebration. The night sky is lit in different shades and hues as individuals burst sparklers to stamp the event. Youngsters hugely appreciate Diwali sparklers thus they anticipate this amazingly pleasurable celebration.

This time is additionally blast time for dealers and business people as individuals purchase loads of things to blessing and celebrate. These items extend from adornments, utensils, beautification things, icons of Hindu Puja Items divine beings, gadgets, garments, eatables and other such merchandise. The commercial centers are buzzing with movement and bound with a wide range of beautiful knickknacks. Numerous associations and neighborhood bodies likewise orchestrate a few fairs, otherwise called Diwali Mela.

Be that as it may, the most critical part of this celebration is the Laxmi Pooja. Actually, arrangements for Diwali festivities start with making one’s home spic and traverse, so as to welcome and please Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth who dives from the sky to shower her gifts the evening of Diwali. It is trusted that she goes into the house that is cleanest and most very much brightened and offers gifts for riches, wealth and success on a similar family unit.

New Year is by and large viewed as the best time to start something. India, with its solid social security’s, discovers this event as a day to celebrate with loved ones. Generally, Indian New Year is praised at various circumstances in light of the begin of the local timetable years. Be that as it may, present day Puja Items Online commends the introduction of the each new Gregorian year with much eagerness. While the more established individuals endeavor to keep up the religious soul related with their local New Years, the more youthful age is more towards the western patterns.

Particularly in enormous urban communities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Calcutta, the young commend the New Year eve with move gatherings and night clubs. Be that as it may, generally, New Year is commended with religious services and positive resolutions. In many spots, consuming the statue of a man, symbolizing the old self is a piece of the service, reminding the general population to desert the old self and to be conceived again as another individual.

Magento Developer Is A Great Way To Increase Your Profit!

Magento internet business web improvement is fairly mind boggling coding than other shopping basket arrangements, yet exceptionally productive to bring wanted outcomes. The adaptability of Magento and its abilities to convey very propelled web based business arrangements draw in numerous web based business developers to wet their legs in Magento coding. Today we will take a gander at the advices given by some prepared and experienced developers who had made Magento arrangements with estimable achievement.

Because of the prevalence of Magento, numerous Magento web developers with various levels of skill and encounters are conveying some well done for the youngsters and in addition fresher in this field. All the Magento developers who are composing on the web not brilliant or take after the best programming rehearses with the best information. In this way, we ought not indiscriminately take after their directions and don’t trust that their advices or indications will yield ensured achievement. With this mindfulness, we should begin uncovering some great advices from shrewd and prepared Magento developers.

Numerous developers tend to supersede center records by utilizing application/code/nearby/Mage without legitimate reasons and considering follows. Magento is regularly changing stage and always refreshing its variants keeping in mind the end goal to address the issues of present day organizations on consistently changing motion of web. In this way, you may need to pass the form redesign or different updates much of the time. On the off chance that you were changed the center documents and made a few highlights or usefulness that will go in vein as center will overwritten by new updates. Subsequently, each Magento developer ought to have great practice to save center source and utilize add-on, augmentations or modules to imbue extra usefulness.

You can get astounding usefulness your venture by making your own classes and capacities utilizing occasion audience members, partners or broaden the center classes without superseding them. In the event that you won’t touch the center you will spare you from heaps of contentions making by outsider additional items. For example on the off chance that you are utilizing occasion core_block_abstract_to_html_after to embed a few components into the HTML, you don’t have to utilize xml format or supersede .phtml documents or altering rationales of square.

Commonly Magento developers believe that unused or pointless non specific pieces ought to be erased to de-mess the code, they committing a major error and they need to confront an issue where a few augmentations won’t work legitimately. This is because of the capacity of outsider expansions which are for the most part utilize nonexclusive piece to infuse their own particular squares there. Similar slip-ups we can make in the utilization of bland CSS classes where we are going to making our own particular and don’t utilize the given a large number of CSS classes amid establishment. Here again outsider augmentations utilize the class names given default in Magento and the layouts you will make will utilize those default class names. Along these lines, you have to utilize them in your coding so you can do great outline combination.

We the greater part of the Magento software engineers are languid and maintain a strategic distance from utilize PHPDoc in our undertaking so we need to confront the issues at later stage when we need to return to the code or our associate or different developers need to work with our venture. On the off chance that you have recorded code the work will be simple for you and others amid your Magento online business advancement.